Local Businesss Consultants Dream?

Ethically & Legally generate real, unlimited, positive reviews for any customer?

A service you can deliver with 15 minutes work and get paid month after month.

Every local business knows that star ratings and reviews are important. But do they realize just how important?

Just take a moment to soak up these 2022 online review facts:





Power Online Reviews

A powerful WordPress plugin that lets you generate unlimited positive reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp & many more

Simple & Effective

Power Online Reviews asks customers for a review.

Positive review customers are then prompted to share the reviews on third party review sites like Yellow Pages or Google My Business etc.

Get poor reviews sent directly to you or your client. This allows the businesses to manage any bad reviews to get the customers back on board and get any business issues resolved.

This is a win for both customers and businesses.

Checkout This List Of Awesome Features

It Doesn't Stop There

We wanted this plugin to truly be a serious workhorse.

We wanted a plugin that delivered exactly the service that any consultant would be proud to deliver and any client will be ecstatic to receive, and willing to pay for!

Even More Awesome Features

A Truly Impressive Review Management Tool

It’s worth reiterating that this plugin is a real income stream for any local business consultant.

Use it as an add on to existing services. It’s so quick and easy to implement that you could use it as your “foot in the door”. But don’t undersell yourself or this service.

However you sell or deliver this you can be assured of a regular monthly income.

Basically this means that you can:

Review & Contact Management

Back end admin panel shows all your reviews.

Allows for one-click email response to any review.

Engage quickly with any customers that are less than happy. Acknowledge and address their issues.

Great customer service will reap it's own rewards. Re-engage customers, build great customer relationships and keep your customers coming back.

Drive more positive reviews while improving your overall customer relationship. Happy customers, happy businesses!


You Can Be 100% Confident In Power Online Reviews

Tony Marriott and Matt Garrett has been creating and selling performance software for online and offline marketers for over 10 years. They have over 25 years of online experience between them.

Being extremely successful online markers themselves they know what other marketers need. They know what works and what doesn’t.

With a long history of high quality, high performance, highly sought after products you can be sure that Power Online Reviews is a WP plugin at the top of it’s game.

WordPress Plugin

Everything included in one simple WordPress plugin.

Good Review Process

Pass good reviews to any third party review site.

Master Admin Panel

View & Manage all reviews from admin panel. Expanded view for individual reviews.

Mobile Friendly

Fully responsive and mobile friendly review pages.

Fully Automated

All review capture forms automatically generated.

Bad Review Process

Bad reviews flagged and passed back for attention.

Review Manager Access

Allocate review manger only access to VA/employees.

All Review Sites

Supports all 3rd party review sites like Google My Business etc.

Fully Customizable

All review forms are fully editable and text fully editable.

Email Notifications

Email notifications of good and/or bad reviews sent to manager.

Export Data

Export all review data to csv/spreadsheet for importing to third party crm systems etc.

Commercial Licence

Full commercial license. Install plugin on your clients websites.

Define Your Rating Levels

Set your preferred “good” star rating (1-5).

Email Response

One-click customized email response to customer reviews.

Display Reviews

Display your reviews on your own website. Full page any widget.

Plugin Updates

Easy to install and easy to update if new versions are released.


Who Needs Power Online Reviews?

Anyone who uses a website or social media to help their business. Business owners, local business consultants, webmasters, site owners, digital marketers, social marketers, video marketers, seo specialists and more.

Local Business Consultants

Single local business consultants or agencies. Use to close new clients and service existing clients.

Webmaster & Site Owners

Every website owner that sells products or offer services needs a continuous flow of positive reviews .

SEO Specialists

For local business websites review signals are one of the main search ranking factors (quantity, quality & diversity)


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Client Reviews Plugin Agency License OTO

Power Online Reviews is a WP plugin and requires a self-hosted WordPress website.

We Offer A Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality and effectiveness of our plugin that we will take all the risk in your purchase.

Please use Power Online Reviews for 30 days and if you are not completely happy then simply request a refund.

We will happily return your entire purchase payment and thank you for trying …….Fair Enough?

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I could repeat all the amazing features of Power Online Reviews.

I could repeat just how much better your service sales will be when you use this plugin.

I could tell you how impressed any clients will be.

But what you should really be thinking is what your competitors will be doing when they purchase Power Online Reviews?

Will they be selling more review management services?

Will they be offering better pricing for review management services?

Will they be closing the deals that should be yours?

If you want multiple monthly income streams from a one-off purchase then:

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Get Full Access To Power Online Reviews Today

Click The Button Below

  • Full Instant Access To the Power Online Reviews plugin
  • One-Time Payment
  • Special Launch Discount Price
  • Commercial License
  • No monthly fees
Client Reviews Plugin Agency License OTO

Power Online Reviews is a WP plugin and requires a self-hosted WordPress website.


Power Online Reviews is a WordPress plugin and can only be installed on a self-hosted WordPress website.


You can install the plugin with a single personal use license directly on a website you build for yourself or a client. You can install the plugin on a clients existing website as part of a review management or local SEO service. In all cases you can only give a single site license.

You (or your client) will need an email account and an account with any third party review site you wish to drive reviews to. i.e. Google My Business etc.

Power Online Reviews is in English only. Therefore it it will only work in an English speaking countries.

NO, there are no monthly fees. Just a single one-off payment. Of course you can, and should, charge a monthly fee to your clients.

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